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Hardwood Flooring Store in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Hardwood flooring has been a household favorite for centuries and here at Anderson Carpet One Floor & Home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, we know how important finding the best flooring is for your home. Will hardwood work for my climate? What styles do I have to choose from? All these questions are key when picking out flooring. This is why we have put together a hardwood flooring guide, so you can determine if hardwood flooring is the best fit for you and your home.


Types of Hardwood


There is a great variety of hardwood flooring thanks to the many natural species of wood we carry. These species allow you to find the perfect hardwood flooring to meet your stylistic needs. For an elevated, exotic look try mahogany or cherry. If farmhouse chic is more your taste, try natural oak or pine. It’s important to note that we carry two types of hardwood flooring – solid and engineered.


What is Solid Hardwood Flooring?


Solid hardwood flooring is your traditional natural wood flooring. It is made of a single, solid piece of hardwood that is roughly ¾ inches thick and can be refinished multiple times. Solid hardwood floors last a long time and can increase your house’s property value. Their natural beauty and longevity come with a downside thanks to wood being naturally porous (moisture-prone).


What is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?


Engineered hardwood is a manufactured alternative to solid hardwood that is made of several layers of composite wood and a top layer of natural hardwood. Solid and engineered hardwood look identical, but the major benefit of engineered hardwood is its water resistance. Thanks to the layered construction, engineered hardwood is both more stable and moisture resistant. This means you can install engineered hardwood floors in rooms that solid hardwood floors cannot such as kitchens and basements. Engineered hardwood cannot be refinished as many times as solid hardwood can, but it uses less wood per plank making it more environmentally friendly.


Hardwood and Humidity


Humidity can play a big role in how your hardwood flooring will perform, and with a very humid climate in mind, it’s important to know what to expect and how to avoid disaster. Both very low and high humidity can cause your wood floors to expand and contract which could result in warping and buckling. Moisture-prone rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements can pose serious problems for solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is a great alternative for rooms like these since it offers the appearance of hardwood while being water-resistant. Our experts can determine if hardwood is and what time is best for your home as well as set up a moisture test.


Hardwood Flooring Installation


Proper installation is crucial to the function and longevity of your hardwood floors. Rushed or done incorrectly, your hardwood floors won’t look their best or wear properly. More importantly, damages caused by improper installation may not be covered under your manufacturer’s warranty. This is why we at Anderson Carpet One Floor & Home make successful installation one of our top priorities. Our in-house team of installers pays close attention to detail and will work with you every step of the way to ensure you get the best-installed floors possible.


Our Hardwood Selection


At Anderson Carpet One Floor & Home we carry a wide selection of hardwood flooring from brands such as Provenza, Mirage, Mohawk, and more. Other great brands include Naturally Aged Flooring, Shaw, Karastan, and Mannington. With so many quality choices to choose from, we’re positive you’ll find the perfect hardwood flooring with us! Come to our showroom to talk to our flooring professionals or browse our hardwood flooring selection online now.



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Caring for Hardwood

Proper care and maintenance are important to keep your floors beautiful for years to come.




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